How to make a website of a community or an organization

If you want to make a website of any community like a student club or similar then the easiest way is to use a website builder.

I have tried a lot of free website builders. Some of them you can find on the large free hosting list. And I have settled on the uCoz website builder.

Here are the features which a community website "must have" and which I took into consideration when making my choice.

  • a website builder must have a forum module. Forum is a powerful part of a community website;

  • site news module. It is useful for community event notification.

  • user management for the control of user permissions;

  • comments system;

  • guestbook;

  • full website templates customization;

  • possibility to attach a custom domain.

uCoz has all these features. And even more - it has some not so necessary but also useful features:

  • blog module;

  • article, website and file catalog modules. For exapmle you can make an online library via these modules.

  • photo gallery;

  • and a set of other modules which can help you create your community website.

You can create your community website by following the link.

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